(Last Updated On: April 10, 2015)

All India roaming is all set to become more affordable than ever. All thanks to TRAI.

TRAI has ordered all the telecom operators in the country to comply with its latest regulation aimed to reducing national roaming charges. It has also asked the operators to come up with more national roaming plans for their subscribers.

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The operators will have to comply with the new regulations from May 1, 2015.

The telecom regulator has ordered all the existing telecom operators to reduce the ceiling tariffs on incoming & outgoing local and STD calls, and local and national SMS sent while roaming. The new tariffs will cut your roaming bill significantly.

An incoming call while roaming which now costs 75p/min will cost 45p/min translating to a 40% reduction in incoming call tariff. Local and STD call while roaming will also get cheaper by20% and 23% respectively. A Rs. 1/min local call will then cost 80p/min and an STD call which now costs Rs. 1.5/min will get as cheap as Rs. 1.15/min.

It has been a long desire of all environmentalists and youngsters to reduce the SMS rates as it doesn’t cost much in terms of resources to the operators and is better for the environment. In present times, while roaming, an SMS is something which cost even more than a voice call. But this won’t be the scenario any more.

Besides cheaper calls, SMSing while roaming will get a lot more affordable too. Sending local text messages will now cost you 25p/SMS and national SMS will cost 38p/SMS at max

Please check the table below for a quick reference of current ceiling tariff and its revised pricing.

Max. Roaming Charges Now From May 1, 2015
Incoming Call ₹ 0.75/min ₹ 0.45/min
Local Call ₹ 1/min ₹ 0.8/min
STD Call ₹ 1.5/min ₹ 1.15/min
Local SMS ₹ 1/SMS ₹ 0.25/SMS
National SMS ₹ 1.5/SMS ₹ 0.38/SMS


This is a welcome move by TRAI which will not only make the customers happy, but will also convince them to stick to traditional voice calling than going the VoIP route.