(Last Updated On: June 25, 2016)

Cheer up RCom CDMA users! After a month of agonizing data usage and poor network connectivity you have a reason to rejoice.

RCom 4G upgrade

Reliance Communications would now be offering you your promised 4G data. If you remember you paid somewhere between Rs. 93 to 97 for the 4G upgrade. RCom promised that its loyal CDMA customers would be upgraded to 4G soon but that “soon” took almost a month! Anyway, better late than never.

RCom and Jio signed spectrum sharing and trading deal last year. It was widely speculated that RCom would use Jio’s infrastructure for providing 4G services to its subscribers. We can now confirm this. RCom would be offering its users (CDMA users who upgraded to 4G) 10 GB 4G data at dirt cheap prices accounting to less than Rs. 10/GB.

“RCom has written to the Department of Telecom, informing (the department) that it will be using Reliance Jio Infocomm 4G network to provide 4G data service to its CDMA customers from next week. Only those CDMA customers who opted for the upgrade will get the service,” revealed RCom.

It is worth noting that Reliance Communications and Jio would be providing extremely affordable 4G data packs.

As per rumours, RCom is planning to provide 4G data at very competitive prices starting as low as Rs. 10 per GB using Jio’s infrastructure.

RCom 4G Coming From Next Week In 12 Telecom Circles

RCom would start offering 4G data from next week in 12 telecom circles which are Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, UP East and West, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar.

RCom is also planning to start its 4G services in 6 more circles which are Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Rajasthan.

It is worth noting that the incumbent telecom operators are offering 4G data starting from Rs. 250/GB. Whereas RCom would be offering it at Rs. 10/GB (approx.). If RCom continues to offer 4G data at such low prices then it is bound to eat up the market share of broadband providers.

As of now many ISPs unlimited broadband plans start from Rs. 500 to Rs. 600 which comes bundled with 10-20 GB of high speed data followed by unlimited usage at 512 Kbps. Reliance is rumoured to change that with its 4G data plans which would offer about 50 GB 4G data at Rs. 499. As of now RCom is providing 4G data plans at a similar tariff as other telcos.

Such high speed internet plans would act as a catalyst for increasing your monthly internet usage from a couple of gigabytes to tens of gigabytes. I would be more than happy to surrender my home broadband connection if RCom actually comes up with such attractive 4G data plans. What about you?