(Last Updated On: May 11, 2015)

We had heard about BSNL planning to offer free calls from its landline phone to any number in India quite a few weeks back. The plan was supposed to be implemented from May 01 2015, and we can now confirm the same.


What this means that now, all existing and new BSNL Landline consumers would be able to make free calls from their landline phone to any other landline or mobile number of any operator within the confines of India.

BSNL Landline consumers would be able to make unlimited free calls with no FUP between 9 pm and 7 am every day without any catch.

This offer was originally only for BSNL landline and broadband consumers and has now been extended to combo plans subscribers as well. Users will be able to make free calls within the given time period irrespective of the technology used by receiver’s operator i.e. it would be valid on both GSM and CDMA mobile numbers.

It is very interesting to note that BSNL is offering free unlimited voice in a time when all other operators are introducing hikes in their voice and data tariffs. Now, all they need to do is promote them at all possible channels.

Now, if you’re wondering why BSNL did this, then the answer is pretty simple and straight forward. People are moving away from BSNL landline these days courtesy attractive tariff plans offered by mobile operators. As a result not many use BSNL landline these days except their old and loyal home consumers, small business and corporate customers. So, by providing such lucrative offers BSNL hopes to take back its market share and boost its revenue. We wish you all the best BSNL.