(Last Updated On: June 23, 2016)

State-led telecom operator BSNL seems to have come out of its slumber as it has added the maximum number of wireless subscribers during April 2016. During the same period about 4.91 million subscribers opted for MNP (Mobile Number Portability).

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Even the leading telecom operators couldn’t come close to BSNL as it grew its subscriber base by a whopping 11,39,541 new subscribers. MTNL also gained 11,591 subscribers which might look like insignificant as compared to the BSNL’s number but we should keep in mind that unlike BSNL which is present almost everywhere, MTNL only operates in metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

BSNL Vs. Others: Number Of Subscribers

BSNL is the 5th largest telecom operator in the country having a total mobile subscriber base of 10.58 million.

Airtel tops the charts with 37.37 million subscribers. Vodafone, the 2nd largest telecom operator by userbase has 28.11 million subscribers, while Idea stands at #3 in terms of number of subscribers and has 23.23 million users.

At #4 we have Reliance Communications with a total strength of 15.61 million mobile users.

As far as subscriber addition is concerned, Assam showed the highest growth rate in wireless subscriptions in April 2016, while Haryana lost the maximum number of subscribers,

BSNL’s Share In The Broadband Market

In wired broadband market, BSNL holds the crown with 9.91 million broadband subscribers and is followed by Airtel (1.76 M), MTNL (1.1 M), Atria Convergence Technologies aka ACT (0.96 M), and YOU Broadband (0.54 M).

In the wired and wireless broadband market, BSNL holds 4th spot with 13.56% market share.

Airtel is the market leader having 25.9% share followed by Vodafone (18.61%), Idea (15.38%), Reliance (10.42%), and others (16.14%).

As far as the number of wireline subscribers are concerned, BSNL retains its top spot with 58.1% market share followed by Airtel at 14.73%, MTNL (13.36%), Tata (6.9%), Reliance (4.68%), Quadrant (1.01%), Vodafone (0.38%), and Sistema (0.24%).

BSNL and MTNL have a combined share of 72.06% in the wireline market.

It is worth noting that the wireline subscriber base in India is declining. It is now 25.04 million as compared to 25.23 million in March. The overall teledensity has also seen a decline from 1.99 to 1.97 at the end of April 2016.

BSNL holds the right infrastructure and can be the most powerful telecom operator in the country if it gets its promotion campaigns right and improves its network quality along with data speed.

Another area where BSNL is lacking is its broadband tariff plans. These are way too much expensive than what is provided by the popular ISPs in urban areas. If BSNL decides to increase the base speed (512 Kbps) for its broadband plans then it will change the face of average broadband speed in the country.