(Last Updated On: March 26, 2016)

In an attempt to attract hard-core postpaid users who significantly contribute to the revenue of the telecom operators, BSNL is offering fancy numbers to new postpaid GSM subscribers for free.


This scheme is available in all the 20 telecom circles where BSNL operates and is likely to convert a lot many prepaid users in the long-run.

It is worth noting that BSNL is seeing operating profits after a long time and is now determined to try every trick under the sun to boost its revenue channels for even more profits.

It is a widely known fact that a major portion of profits are contributed by postpaid subscribers in the prepaid driven Indian telecom market. That is why BSNL wants to attract new GSM postpaid users.

In order to avoid the users from abusing this scheme by joining BSNL for attractive numbers, and then porting out to another operator after 3 months, BSNL has a condition. The users would have to stick with BSNL for at least 6 months in order to get the fancy number free of cost.

In case the users wants to port out or terminate the connection before 6 months, then he/she would have to pay Rs. 750. This amount would be deducted from the security deposit.

Aircel Launches Night 3G Pack In Kolkata Again!


Aircel has now re-launched its ‘Night 3G Pack’ in the Kolkata telecom circle. Aircel is the 3rd largest telecom operator in Kolkata circle with a total subscriber base of 4.1 million users. The company was offering a night 3G pack back in 2015, until all the telcom operators decided to withdraw them.

However, now that the other telecom operators are strengthening their 3G and 4G networks with better data speeds and voice quality, Aircel has decided to re-launch its Night 3G Pack.

This night 3G pack is available as STV47 for Aircel Kolkata prepaid subscribers and offers 1 GB 3G night data valid for 1 month from 12 am- 6am.

For improving its network service quality Aircel is installing hundreds of new 3G base stations and has also come up with a 3G brand campaign.

It is good to see the telecom operators coming up with innovative ways for acquiring new customers, but Aircel is following a reactive strategy instead of a pro-active one.

It must offer the customers something that no other telecom operators can if it wants to become a market leader in the Kolkata telecom circle.

For instance, the company can offer much more reasonable night data packs which start from 9 pm to 7 am so that the users can actually use them and don’t treat such night data packs as a marketing gimmick. What do you say? Would you mess with your sleep just for using night data pack or would just use a regular data pack and have a good night’s sleep?