(Last Updated On: December 25, 2015)

With the indoor coverage still an issue at many places even inside the city bounds, Vodafone India, country’s leading telecom operator is taking steps to encounter the age-old indoor coverage problem.

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The telco is rolling out 5BARz Network Extender solution to improve its network’s indoor service quality. Vodafone had already announced its purchase order of 5BARz network extender solution this summer, and now the telecom company wants to repeat the order.

Vodafone India has launched the latest 4th Generation network services in Kerala recently, and has also spent more than Rs. 700 crores in network expansion and modernization of its existing network for better efficiency.

“We began working with Vodafone at the beginning of this year and have steadily worked through the steps necessary to begin commercial rollout and look forward to a successful, mutually beneficial relationship with Vodafone here in India,” said Samartha Nagabhushanam, CEO at 5BARz India.

BSNL Witnesses Overall Revenue Growth, But Not In All Regions

Public telecom operators BSNL has witnessed an increase in revenue after a long time. Now, even though BSNL has seen a healthy growth of 2.29% in its revenue this year (till Nov 2015), it has also observed a decline in its revenue at many places.


BSNL’s revenue has declined by 4.09% in the East zone. However, the revenue shot up by 2.78% in the North zone, and by 3.46% in the West zone.

Now, even though the fact that its revenue declined in Karnataka and Chennai, the revenue for its South zone increased by 1.68%.

It is worth noting that BSNL has taken a lot of efforts like free roaming and free and unlimited night calling for gaining subscribers and boosting its revenue, but it has still registered a decline in its revenue in many circles. This is a major cause of concern for its officials and decision makers.

In another finding, its corporate office observed that almost 40% of its revenue is coming from 46 out of 333 SSAs. While this is a good news on first thought, but on a deep thought, this is not good. Every SSA must contribute in a positive way to the overall revenue and that’s why BSNL corporate office will now monitor the performance of each SSA closely.

BSNL can do everything that other telcos can do for boosting its revenue. The first thing that they should start with is, to improve its data network and offer internet packs at a competitive price.