(Last Updated On: September 30, 2014)

Vodafone India has recently launched their new postpaid plan, the Vodafone RED across all circles in the country. vodafone-red-official-image-indiantelecomnews

Unlike traditional postpaid plans, the RED plan allows the customers to share their free voice minutes, data, and SMSs with other members of their family or group.

Besides sharing resources (voice minutes, data, SMS) and getting the advantage of all-in-one plans, here are the 4 main features of the Vodafone RED plan:

1. Access to premium call centre / Relationship Manager

For the plans costing Rs. 499/- and Rs. 899/- per month, you get access to a premium call centre. And the customers opting for Rs. 1,299/- and Rs. 1,599/- plans will get an access to a relationship manager for sorting out any issues.

All RED subscribers are also entitled for getting priority access in all Vodafone Stores.

2. Guardian App

As a parent you will find this app very useful, as it allows you to control the type of content your child can access on the Internet.

3. Password Manager App

The password manager app will come in handy for those who like to set strong passwords, but can’t remember them. If you are not using any password manager app, then we would suggest that you get one asap.


You will also get a PAYBACK card with free 500 loyalty points when you subscribe to a Vodafone RED plan. You can use this card for shopping at multi-brand stores and then use the accumulated points for paying your Vodafone bill.

Vodafone also allows you to share your resources with a tablet PC or a dongle by letting you add it to your devices. Every additional device will cost you Rs. 50/month, but if you are willing to pay Rs. 300 per device then you will get 1GB of 3G data with it.

Here is how you can select your Vodafone RED plan:

Step1: Select your Vodafone RED plan.


Step 2: Add members or devices for sharing resources.


Vodafone is currently the #2 telecom operator in India, after Airtel. With the launch of Vodafone RED, it is expecting its subscriber base to grow at a rapid rate.

I believe that the Vodafone RED plan is good for those families whose members want to use voice calling, Internet, and SMSs heavily. It would be significantly expensive if they buy their own individual plans. What are your thoughts about it?

Feature image credit: 360b / Shutterstock.com