(Last Updated On: November 24, 2015)

Vodafone India IPO

Since the time people have started using mobile phones, everyone has tried to search for that particular number they would want to possess. The numbers are usually the ones which can be remembered easily or have a sequence very dear to the user. People also look for some fancy numbers which have the same digit repeated more than thrice or try to link their mobile numbers with their vehicle number. As such there wasn’t any easy way to get the work done and more often users had to settle for an awkward number. BSNL customers were in luck since it was rolled out by BSNL last year in the four zones of the country.

Vodafone seems to have listened to its customers and has announced the option of choosing your own number, for now only in Delhi-NCR. Through ‘Choose Your Number’ platform, customers will be able to book the pre-paid sim card number of their choice at 52 stores, 212 mini stores and 4,000 multi brand outlets. It gives the freedom to choose a number similar to car registration number, birth date, lucky numbers etc.

Apoorva Mehrotra, Business Head, Delhi & NCR, Vodafone India, said, “At Vodafone Delhi, we believe in offering innovative offerings to our customers, tailored to their usage and likings. Choose your number offer has also been designed against the backdrop of giving our customers the freedom to choose”.

There have been a lot of complaints of call drops for people using Vodafone network in Delhi-NCR and this comes as a lollipop to the users to maintain existing customer relationship. However, the network signal status still remains a grey area for everyone since there has been no improvement monitored. With the launch of Vodafone 4G in December, Vodafone seems to leave no stone unturned for possible expansions and acquisitions. There has been seen more investment being made into telecom business and expansion of current service network in Delhi-NCR to address most issues.

Of course, this goes without saying that a customer can get the particular number if and only if it is available with Vodafone. There is no way an active number can get transferred to the number of choice at the moment. The users can visit any of the Vodafone outlets in Delhi-NCR and get the number of their choice. There have to be certain forms filled and documents submitted to complete the process, however it should be smoother than expectations.

The move should work in favour of Vodafone to acquire new customers and retain loyal ones. As for Airtel, this is something they can follow-up and we can soon hear something similar coming from their stable. Changing a number is inconvenient for people who have been using the same number for a very long time. However, customers looking for new numbers or additional numbers will definitely get attracted to it. What do you think about the new service? Are you planning to switch to Vodafone and get a number of your choice or stick to current provider?