(Last Updated On: October 15, 2014)

In contrary to COAI‘s myth buster campaign against mobile radiations and their effect on human body, leading experts say that Indians are more vulnerable to rays emitted from mobile phone towers.

effects of mobile towers on human health

People with low fat content and low BMI (Body Mass Index) absorb more radiations than the others.

“A hot tropical climate, low fat content in bodies and a lower body mass index on an average make Indians absorb more radiation than others,” said Devra Lee Davis, president of Environmental health trust. “Mobile phone towers emit radiation 24 hours a day which can be extremely harmful to health,” she added giving reference of various researches related to harmful effects of radiations emitted from cell phone towers on human health.

“This is an issue which concerns all of us.” – Actress Juhi Chawla.

She said that in India, mobile phone towers are installed in close proximity to residential areas, school, and colleges, which makes thin people even more vulnerable to harmful EM radiations.

She also met the concerned authorities from the Union Health Ministry and Parliamentary standing committees on health and discussed the need for a national policy on regulating cell phones.

Devra’s measures for reducing the ill effects of mobile phones on health are:

  • Mobile phones should always be kept on loudspeaker mode during calls.
  • Keep children as far from mobiles as possible.
  • It is always better to text than making a voice call.

I agree with these measures expect the fact that you just can’t talk to people in loudspeaker mode all the time. Putting phone in loudspeaker mode makes the microphone super-sensitive resulting in the transmission of a lot of background noise.

Would you be able to answer calls in loudspeaker mode during meetings, in hospitals, etc?

My alternative to this is to use a wired headset all the time. This lets you keep the phone away from your head during calls and also helps a lot in areas with low signal strength.

What do you think? Do you know any better measures for countering the ill effects of mobile phones on human health? If you do, please share with the rest of the world by posting a comment. Thank You.