(Last Updated On: November 22, 2015)

India’s leading DTH operator TataSky has announced a hike in its premium DTH subscription packs. The operator will replace its premium packs like Mega SD and Mega HD from 24th Nov 2015 with the newer and somewhat costlier Ultra SD and Ultra HD packs.tata sky

These Ultra HD packs will be applicable to South India and the rest of the India.

It is worth noting that the Mega packs contain all channels and service offered by TataSky but the special channels like HBO Hits, HBO Defined, Miniplex, and Topper. Mega packs currently come in semiannual, annual and biennial duration but the Ultra packs will come with monthly subscription as well.

Here is how these Ultra packs fare against the current Mega packs in terms of subscription charges:

For the Rest Of India: Mega SD and Mega HD Packs Vs. Ultra SD and Ultra HD Packs

Pack Duration Mega SD Ultra SD Mega HD Ultra HD
Monthly NA Rs. 610 NA Rs. 730
Semi-annually Rs. 3,440 Rs. 3,460 Rs. 4,090 Rs. 4,140
Annually Rs. 6,300 Rs. 6,700 Rs. 7,500 Rs. 8,000
Biennially Rs. 11,600 Rs. 12,810 Rs. 14,000 Rs. 15,330


South India: Mega SD and Mega HD Packs Vs. Ultra SD and Ultra HD Packs

Pack Duration Mega South SD Ultra south SD Mega south HD Ultra south HD
Monthly NA Rs. 650 NA Rs. 765
Semi-annually Rs. 3,660 Rs. 3,685 Rs. 4,310 Rs. 4,340
Annually Rs. 6,700 Rs. 7,100 Rs. 7,900 Rs. 8,400
Biennially Rs. 12,600 Rs. 13,650 Rs. 15,000 Rs. 16,065


No More Free Active Services, But More Showcase Titles

The Ultra packs do not offer free Active services like the Mega packs and also don’t include free access to special channels (already listed above).

However, these packs offer more Showcase titles. The Semiannual pack will now offer 5 free Showcase titles as compared to 3 in the Mega pack. The annual Ultra packs will offer 10 free Showcase titles as compared to 6 in Mega packs, and the biennial packs will offer 20 free showcase titles as compared to 12 free showcase titles in similar Mega packs.

In case you’re not much interested in a few more showcase titles and want free access to Active Services then you better recharge your TataSky DTH connection before 24 November 2015.

Happy watching!