(Last Updated On: October 16, 2016)

It is a known fact that Jio 4G speeds have reduced drastically since the last couple of weeks. Earlier we were getting 12 Mbps and above at all times during the day but now we get such speed only after midnight or during early morning hours.

Jio Internet 4G

So while we can’t change the fact that Jio network is slowly getting congested, what we can do is help you use the Jio 4G network without you getting frustrated. There are many who claim to help you boost the Jio 4G speed up to 80 Mbps using some tricks, but those are just scams.

We can’t promise to increase your Jio 4G speed by 10 times or so what we can do is help you optimize your phone for getting the best out of the free Jio 4G internet.

1. Change LTE Band

This is by far the most effective way for getting the maximum speed out of Jio 4G. Talking about LTE bands, here are some facts about them:

Higher the frequency of the band, better would be the speed provided by it, by poorer would be its indoor coverage. In simple words, 2300 MHz band (Band #40) would offer you maximum speed outside, but it might not able to deliver maximum speed indoors.

On the other hand 850 MHz band (Band #5) would offer better indoor coverage but might not offer maximum speed outdoors.

So, we would advise you to download Jio’s NetVelocity app. Now open the app and go to “RF Information” by clicking on the “+” icon. Check the network band and the network strength (RSRP). Better network strength would give you better speed.


How To Change LTE Bands?

Caution: Changing network bands incorrectly might result in your phone not catching any network at all. If you do not know what you are doing, then skip this method.

If you are using a phone running on MediaTek phone, then download ‘MTK Engineering Mode’ app from Google Play.

Now open the MTK Engineering Mode app, go to ‘BandMode’, scroll down to LTE bands, and select 2300 MHz (Band #40). Now open NetVelocity app, check the network strength and run a speed test.

Repeat this procedure by trying different 4G frequencies (850 MHz i.e. Band #5, 1800 MHz i.e. Band #3) till you get the maximum speed.

Note: Speeds might vary at different locations on different bands. So you might need to repeat the above procedure whenever you are getting slow internet speed on Jio 4G.

Generally, when are you receiving very poor network strength (less than -95 dBm) on Band #40 (2300 MHz), it is advisable to switch to either Band #3 or Band #5 for getting better internet speed.

2. Modify APN Settings

We would also suggest you try changing the APN Settings on your phone for getting the best network speed. Just follow these steps:

Go to Settings -> More -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names

Now change the ‘Server’ to “www.google.com” and ‘Bearer’ to “LTE”.

Save the APN and reboot your phone. This method might not result in better speed for all Jio users but it is worth trying.

3. Change DNS For Faster Browsing

While changing DNS might not result in higher download speed, it will surely improve your browsing experience.

For changing the DNS on mobile, download the DNS Changer app from Google Play, select ‘Open DNS’ from the drop down list and click on START. Give the app permission to set up a VPN network and you’re good to go.

If you are using the Jio 4G on your computer via USB tethering or hotspot then:

Double click on your network adaptor -> Click on Properties -> Double click on TCP/IPv4 and select “Use the following DNS server addresses.” Check the screenshot for more info.

Change DNS on Windows Computer

4. Clear The Cache

Android OS gets slow over time and clearing the app cache can help speed it up significantly. This might affect your mobile internet speed too.

Go to Settings -> Storage & USB -> ‘Cached data’ and press ‘OK’

5. Ensure Good Network Coverage

If you do not get good Jio 4G internet speed at your place then apart from Network saturation, poor signal strength might also be the case. If you are using Jio 4G via hotspot then we would advise you to keep your phone at a place where you get better signal strength especially of either Band #40 or Band #3.

You can check signal strength and network band using NetVelocity app as mentioned above.

Note: Not all phones receive signal same signal strength even when they are placed at the same location. So a location that gives better Jio 4G speed for one phone might not offer the same speed on another phone.

We hope that these methods would help you get the maximum speed out of your Jio 4G connection. We can’t guarantee a speed increase by 10x or so since it depends on a lot of factors, and promising something that is not under our control would be unfair to our loyal readers. Happy browsing!