(Last Updated On: January 9, 2016)

After so many delays and hurdles, Reliance Jio is finally set to launch its 4G services by the starting of March, this year.

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According to a report published on ET, RJio is appointing more and more distributors for effective distribution of its 4G SIM cards across the country. The company has also given them a working target of the commercial launching of the 4G network by early March at the maximum.

Reliance Jio To Bundle MiFi Device With 10 GB 4G Data

The company is also planning to launch 4G MiFi devices under their Lyf brand. These devices would be priced as low as Rs. 700 and would come bundled with 10 GB 4G data. Some reports also point the combo price to be Rs. 600. We all want this to happen, don’t we? This will disrupt the entire industry and force the incumbent 4G providers to come up with competitive offerings.

“If they are selling a device and 10 GB of data for Rs 700, I am sure their recharges will also be very competitive,” said a distributor.

Reliance Jio is making sure that its SIMs and 4G dongles reach the market by the end of February.

The Reason For Delayed 4G Launch

As per the report, RJio has delayed its commercial launch due to network coverage issues. Jio’s network currently covers just 70% of the areas covered by the largest telco in the market, the report said. A distributor also mentioned that Reliance Jio aims to cover at least 90% area before its commercial launch.

“Jio’s 4G coverage will be bigger and better than the 2G coverage of most players,” a distributor quoted.

Reliance Jio has already launched its 4G services for its employees and is getting extensive user data and network quality results from their usage for bettering its 4G services. All employees of Reliance Group of companies have been offered free 4G connection and VoLTE (Voice over LTE) enabled phones and subsidized rates so that they can try the 4G services.

If this report pans out to be true, and Reliace Jio does launches dongles starting at Rs. 700 coupled with 10 GB 4G data, then the Indian telecom industry will change drastically. The incumbent players like Idea, Airtel, and Vodafone which are currently working on improving their network quality will also need to revamp their 3G and 4G data plans for good.

I can’t wait to try to Reliance Jio 4G and broadband services and share my experience with you.

What expectations do you have from Reliance Jio’s 4G data plans? Would you be happy if RJio offers you 10 GB 4G data for Rs. 700, or you want something more?