(Last Updated On: September 30, 2014)

The Reliance GSM subscribers in Leh, Kashmir have suddenly stopped receiving signal in their phones. This left the subscribers appalled since they were not informed either by SMS or by a call about the forthcoming disruption in the service.

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Credits: shutterstock

The Reliance Zonal Manager of Leh, Sheikh Adil said that the expiration of the service agreement between Aircel and Reliance Communications has led to Aircel disallowing Reliance users from using the Aircel network. Reliance doesn’t have it own network architecture in Leh and was sharing the radio-waves of Aircel. The top level officials of both Aircel and Reliance are in the talks to restore connectivity to Reliance subscribers in the valley.

The locals are very much annoyed by this unprofessional behavior of Reliance Communications and say that they should have at least let them know about it. The users in some adjoining near of Leh haven’t been able to make a call from their mobile phones since a week now. Their service was disrupted almost a week back and hasn’t been restored till date.

This amateurish behaviour of Reliance will not only cost them many subscribers in the valley, but will also face severe rebuke throughout the country.

They should understand that the locals in the Kashmir don’t have too many service providers to choose from, and a disruption without notice will lead to people getting dismayed over the whereabouts of their loved ones in the valley.

We hope that the Reliance officials will understand the problems faced by the residents of Leh and restore their connectivity at their earliest.