(Last Updated On: May 5, 2015)

Idea Cellular is now offering unlimited 3G data packs in its Delhi NCR circle.


Now before you get too much excited about these packs, please know that just like any other unlimited data packs these internet packs also come with a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) which throttles the connection speed after you use a certain amount of data.

However, unlike its competitors providing unlimited data packs with FUP, Idea Cellular is offering them with a kind of a reminder.

Idea will throttle the internet speed in 2 steps post the usage of allotted high-speed data.

The first capping in data tariff will throttle the data speed to 40 kbps (5 kilobytes/sec). Another trigger will throttle the speed to just 20 kbps (2.5 kilobytes/sec). These plans offer data benefits for a validity of 28 days.

Checkout the table below for more information about these plans:

MRP (Rs.) High-Speed Data Validity (Days) Post FUP Data Speed
655 3 GB 28 After 3 GB -40 kbps & 20kbps post 4 GB
755 4 GB 28 After 4 GB- 40 kbps & 20kbps post 5 GB
855 5 GB 28 After 5GB- 40 kbps & 20kbps post 6 GB
955 6 GB 28 After 6GB- 40kbps & 20kbps post 7 GB
1,055 7 GB 28 After 7GB- 40kbps & 20kbps post 8 GB
1,255 9 GB 28 After 9GB- 40kbps & 20kbps post 9 GB
1,499 11 GB 28 After 11 GB- 40kbps & 20kbps post 12 GB


What You Can Do With 40 Kbps And 20 Kbps Connections?

With an internet connection as slow as 40 Kbps (5 KBps) and 20 Kbps (2.5 KBps) you won’t be able to do anything but exchanging messages using instant messengers like WhatsApp, Hike, Line, Telegram, WeChat, etc.

Gaming is out of question on such a connection. But if you patient enough and can wait multiple minutes before a webpage is opened then you might be able to access Facebook and check your emails after a wait time of several minutes.

Idea Cellular is advertising such plans as unlimited plans and they are not at fault for doing so but the user should always check before subscribing to such plans blindly. We would advise you to subscribe to these data packs if your main purpose of using the internet is using instant messengers. For other purposes, you should consider these plans only for the high-speed data that they offer.