(Last Updated On: October 1, 2014)


After the recent floods wrecked havoc in the beautiful Kashmir valley, many telecom operators started offering free talktime for J&K subscribers. We had also recently covered that the telecom systems in most part of J&K are now up and running and thus will lead Kashmir back to normality.

But, according to a news post by Greater Kashmir, all of this ‘free talktime’ being offered to the flood-hit users in the Kashmir is just a gimmick.

The website reported that the benefit of free calls couldn’t be enjoyed by the subscribers as they were not able to latch onto any network for making calls. This is has till now wasted more than 5 days of free voice calls and forces us to rethink the initiative/marketing stunt performed by telecom operators.

The telcos didn’t have to spend even a single paisa for providing free calls as the users couldn’t even connect to their network.

The resident from the old city had to climb the hillock shrine of Hazrat Sheikh Hamzah Makhdoom on Koh-e-Maran in hopes of getting connectivity on highlands.

Rawath Pora, a journalist, complained that none out of his three mobile connections were working. “Most of the news goes unreported as we are unable to confirm the veracity of the inputs,” he said.

Can we consider this as a government aided big media coverup? We are not so sure. But, one thing is certain that the telecom systems are still not functioning at their full capacity, as previously claimed by the telcos.