(Last Updated On: October 7, 2014)

Google is our best friend when we are looking for something that we don’t know. It helps us find relevant and useful information within no time. To most of us, Google Search is the fastest loading website that we know. But, it is not so fast for users of GPRS, EDGE, and other slow internet connections.

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Google Search mostly outputs text-based search results, but for the rest of times, the search results are a mix of images. This images delay the fetching of data on slow wireless connections and hence spoil the user experience. Google India understands this and has now launched a faster Google Search for its Indian users.

“Now, we will automatically check to see if a user has a slow wireless connection and deliver a fast loading version of Search. Fewer bytes means you get your answer faster—and cheaper,” said Google on its official blog.


What did Google do to make its already fast Web Search even faster?

Google hasn’t altered its search algorithm or something to make this possible.

Instead, it has acted out of common sense this time and did the obvious. Yes, you probably guessed it right. No images.


Regular Google Search Vs. Faster Google Search Optimized For Slow Wireless Connections

For slow connections, Google will not show images and maps in search results until they are absolutely necessary.

Other changes include new Google Search logo and fewer search options. In regular Google Search, the user sees more search options like Maps, News, Images, and More menu. But for the faster loading version of Google Search (optimized for slow connections) the More tab is gone for good.

This is a really thoughtful initiative taken by Google India for improving the UI without compromising on their revenue.

On careful observation, you will notice that the screenshot of the faster loading Google Search version has a text-based ad at the very top of the search result, similar to what we see on the computer. That’s a clever move Google! The users will save a lot of money while using pay/usage internet plans, and the company will be benefitted from additional clicks on the text-based ad. It’s a win-win scenario for Google as well as 2G users in India.
Would you miss seeing the images and maps in Google Search results on a slow 2G connection? Do you hate text-based ads in Search results more than anything else? Please share your thoughts in the comments.