(Last Updated On: May 18, 2015)

Many leading telecom operators in the country have started implementing the new and simplified dialling patter for connecting to the STD numbers across the nation. It’s time to say goodbye to ‘0’ and ‘+91’.

national MNP DoT

You would now be able to dial local and STD numbers without any special dialling pattern. With this implemented, the users would no longer be required to prefix either ‘0’ or ‘+91’ for dialling any number as long as it is within the confines of India.

This brings India one more step closer to full nation-wide MNP. This complete MNP will allow us to use our old, beloved, and special mobile numbers without paying any roaming charge. While not all telecom operators have implemented this, it won’t take a long time as DoT (Department of Telecom) had already given an extension of 2 months to all telecom operators for implementing this simplified dialling pattern on basis of technical difficulties.

What’s In The Offing?

A simple answer would be- Nation-wide MNP across all telecom operators.

This will bring India very close to a complete MNP allowing to subscribers to retain their expensive special and old mobile numbers at no extra cost after porting them to another telecom circle via national MNP.

We all have faced issues such as ‘number does not exist’ or ‘incorrect number’ while dialling some STD number but forgetting to add the ‘0’ or ‘+91’ prefix. Well, this would be a thing of the past soon.

When Will It Be Implemented?

According to the extension issued by DoT to the telecom operators, all should implement full MNP by the end of July 2015. We hope that all the operators would be able to implement this before the deadline expires, but in a worst case you can expect a delay of a few weeks.

So, if you are planning to move outside your home state (telecom circle) then you needn’t scrap your old mobile number just because you don’t want to incur heavy roaming charges. Hold on it for a little while till the nation-wide MNP is implemented. After all, you have a emotional connection with that number, don’t you?