(Last Updated On: October 1, 2014)


The recent J&K floods have given a lot of tough time to the residents of J&K and also to the technical teams of telecom operators. The people were tensed for not having any signal in their phones and the technical team were work 24×7 for restoring the network connectivity in the state. The telecom systems started coming back to normal just last week and it was BSNL Mobile services which took the hit again.

 The mobile services of BSNL again went down for about 9 hours in Jammu region due to technical problems.

A BSNL official said, “There was a technical snag which grounded the switch board unit of BSNL at around 1130 hours today badly affecting the service. It has totally collapsed. We had to reload the software and the OS and it took some time. The service was made operational by 2030 hours.”

He also said that BSNL had a BSNL challenging task of diverting the load in Srinagar, as the two main switches were still under water. And, that’s why the switches in Jammu get heavily loaded sometimes leading to some technical issues at certain times.

The situation is completely under control as the connectivity was restored yesterday itself. So, if your J&K BSNL mobile lost signal erratically yesterday, then you know what happened.

If there is anything wrong going on with your mobile service in J&K, be it from any operator, then feel free to comment below and we’ll share it with the rest of the world.