(Last Updated On: June 23, 2015)

Airtel is soon going to launch its next-generation 4G LTE services in Jaipur and to make that possible it has already got its network infrastructure in place. Its 4G towers are installed and in full working conditions at Gurjar Ki Thadi, Mahesh Nagar, Gopalpura, Vidhyadhar Nagar, and Aatish Market as of now.

Wi-Fi hotspot India

Credits: shutterstock.com

To test its 4G LTE network quality under heavy-usage and for promoting it, Airtel has found a very innovative and interesting way.

It is now offering its 4G network for free to anyone who is in range of the WiFi hotspots installed at these towers.

What’s Being Offered?

The WiFi network is available within 50m of the tower and literally anyone who has a WiFi device can use it for free and for as long as he/she wants. This is a free unlimited high-speed internet that we are talking about.

How To Use Free 4G Internet?

All that the users have to do is switch ON the WiFi of their smartphones or laptop, connect to the network, and enter their mobile number on the network page that loads. That’s it.

You would then be able to use unlimited amount of data at full 4G speed without any time restriction or anything. The best part about this is that there is no involved and the users are free to download as much content from the internet as they like. We are try sure whether Airtel has placed some filters for blocking piracy and app sharing websites, but can give it a try and check for yourself.

As reported on Telecomtalk, you would be able to see many youngsters near these hotspots even during midnight. This has literally driven the people crazy.

Our Advice

You would never an opportunity to use free high-speed internet again, at least not in near future in India. When we tested Airtel 4G in Pune, we received speeds close to 12 Mbps. That’s why we would advise you to free up some space in your laptop or smartphone if you want to finish your backlog of to-download-stuff.

If you get a chance to experience this free Airtel 4G internet, then please do share your thoughts with us.