(Last Updated On: December 27, 2015)

In a move to encounter the rising competition for grabbing the largest 4G market share in the circle of Kerala, Airtel has launched double data plans in Kerala right after Idea did the same for promoting its recently launched 4G services.

Airtel would offer double data to all its prepaid subscribers in Kerala who recharge with any 3G or 4G data plan costing more than Rs. 247. Airtel 3G users would also be allowed to access Airtel 4G network.

gprs 3g settings- manual internet configuration

However, the only condition is that the extra data would be valid for usage only on Airtel 4G network. Because Airtel is using Idea 3G network in Kerala and it can’t afford to offer free 3G data to its subscribers when the telco itself pays to Idea telecom for accessing its 3G network.

Airtel Double Data Plans For Kerala Circle

MRP Offer Validity
Rs. 247 1GB 4G data + 1GB 4G data 28 days
Rs. 248 1GB 3G data + 1GB 4G data 26 days
Rs. 348 1.5GB 3G data + 1.5GB 4G data 28 days
Rs. 447 2GB 4G data + 2GB 4G data 28 days
Rs. 449 2GB 3G data + 2GB 4G data 28 days
Rs. 647 3GB 4G data + 3GB 4G data 28 days
Rs. 655 3GB 3G data +3GB 4G data 28 days
Rs. 847 5GB 4G data + 5GB 4G data 28 days
Rs. 851 4GB 3G data + 4GB 4G data 28 days

Airtel Launches The First Of Its Kind Unlimited Validity Data Packs

We all had wished the existence of an unlimited data plan sometime or the other. It is especially true for those who use mobile data only for checking emails on their mobile phones.

Well, your wish has come true!

Bharti Airtel has launched 6 unlimited validity data plans in Mumbai and Delhi. 3 data packs for each city.

“Today, we are proud to launch India’s first unrestricted validity data plans which give our prepaid customers the flexibility to enjoy mobile internet services without worrying about any validity restrictions,” said Ajai Puri, Director Market Operations, Bharti Airtel.

The unlimited validity data packs are available for selected denominations ranging between Rs. 22 and Rs. 74.

Airtel unlimited validity data plans for Delhi circle are:

Rs. 24 – 35 MB

Rs. 51 – 75 MB

Rs. 74 – 110 MB

Unlimited Validity Airtel Internet Packs for Mumbai are:

Rs. 22- 30 MB

Rs. 54- 80 MB

Rs. 73- 110 MB

As of now these unlimited validity data plans are available only for Airtel prepaid subscribers with nothing announced for the postpaid subscribers.

While I like these unlimited validity data plans from Airtel, I believe that these are far too expensive to make any sense. The apps and the internet services that we use these days consume high-speed data like anything. So if you decide to go for these plans, then start by setting data usage limiter in your smartphone, or you’ll end up with a zero balance very soon.