(Last Updated On: October 1, 2014)

The recent floods in Jammu & Kashmir not only caused disturbance in the daily lives of the residents of the valley, but also disrupted telecommunications throughout the state.

At some places the flood water destroyed the critical electronic equipment used for transmitting radio waves. While at the other places, the excessive water caused power outage leading to shut down of telephone exchanges and important telecom equipments.


We had earlier reported that 12 Aircel 3G towers are functioning and Aircel was trying its best for keeping these mobile towers in their fully functioning state.

Airtel had proposed that all telecom companies operating in J&K allow intra-circle roaming to all celllular users. This would help people in staying connected with their families.

AIrcel has agreed to this, and is now allowing subscribers of even other telecom operators use its network at this dark hour.

To do so, the subscribers have to go change their “Network Selection” settings to “Manual” and then select “Aircel” as their preferred network. That’s it.

Aircel is also offered its subscribers 2 days of free talktime, and Airtel gave its customers 50 mins of talktime free for making voice calls.

These kind of arrangements are not seen very often but are the best example of customer care.The telecommunication systems should be fully restored in the valley within a week, thanks to the efforts taken by the Air Force and the telecom department.