(Last Updated On: February 24, 2016)

Leading technology start-up for improving network coverage and quality 5BARz India has partnered with yet another Indian cellular operator for improving its indoor signal coverage.


Poor indoor signal strength is one of the biggest reasons for frequent call drops and low data speed in India. This is due to the fact that telecom companies are not allowed to increase the signal transmission power of their mobile towers due to government regulations regarding health concerns of such EM radiations on human health. Note that Indian government has the most stringent mobile network radiation norms in the world.

Due to this telecom operators can’t turn up the power on their mobile towers but instead have to install more towers for improving coverage area and signal strength, which is a very expensive affair.

This is the second partnership of 5BARz India with a telecom player for improving the signal strength from 1 to 5 bars.

What Will 5BARz India Offer?

5BARz India will offer a range of network extenders that can be customized to the operator’s needs. Its first range of devices will be designed for improving the signal strength of 3G networks.

These network extenders are a single piece devices with support for plug-and-play and will improve the signal strength in low or poor coverage areas. These devices will not only improve the voice transmission but will also speed up 3G data transmission.

“We are honored to be serving the indoor coverage solutions for our second cellular services provider in India. We began working with this customer in April 2015 and have steadily worked through the extensive field & laboratory trials necessary to begin the field deployment. We look forward to a successful, mutually beneficial relationship. We believe the 5BARz™ Network Extender will provide an enhanced indoor user experience with mobile devices in network areas that have proven challenging in the past,” said Samartha Nagabhushanam, 5BARz India, MD & CEO.

If all telecom operators in India employ something like these extenders from 5BARz, then gone would be the days of poor signal strengths in open areas.