(Last Updated On: January 16, 2015)

Reliance CDMA was the king of the cellular networks in India a decade back. It still is one of the most reliable networks that we would recommend, but its CDMA network failed to keep up the ever evolving GSM networks. Your complaint of slow internet speed while on Reliance RxTT (2G), and EvDo Rev. A (up to 3.1 Mbps) might soon get resolved with the launch of its EvDo Rev. B (up to 14.7 Mbps) network in your area.


Not many areas have been upgraded to the high-speed CDMA networks but it’s believed that many will be upgraded directly from RxTT to EvDo Rev. B. Reliance is promoting these plans based on EvDo Rev. B networks as Reliance Pro 3 plans but you don’t need to buy a dongle from Reliance for using these awesome internet plans. If you bought/imported a latest CDMA phone then chances are that it will support the EvDo Rev. B. This review of Reliance Pro 3 (EvDo Rev. B) was done on the CDMA variant of LG Optimus G (LS970) in Pune, Maharashtra.

Before we go ahead with the actual speed test results, here is why I used the phrase “awesome internet plans”:

reliance cdma internet packs maharashtra itn

No telecom operator in India provides high-speed wireless internet plans at such dirt cheap prices. This plan of Rs. 149 offering 30 GB data brings the price/1 GB under Rs. 5. At the time of writing of this article, this pack was only available in the circle of Maharashtra.

Reliance Pro 3 EvDo Rev. B Speed Test ResultsReliance Pro 3 EvDo Rev B speed test review- phone signal status- ITN

The entire testing was done indoors to give you a clear of how the network might perform with above average signal strength. Check the screenshot for more information about the network status.

The EvDo Rev. B is way better than the Rev. A network and provides very good response times for a wireless internet connection. It however does comes with fair share of shortcoming. First of all, the network doesn’t provide high speeds consistently. The download speed was as low as 25 KBps at one instant and as high as 456 KBps for a re-test. The upload speed was much more consistent and averaged at a cool 172 KBps for a wireless connection.

Parameters Lowest Average Highest
Ping (lower is better) 67 ms 76.16 ms 82 ms
Download Speed
(higher is better)
25.1 KBps 187.43 KBps 456.3 KBps
Upload Speed
(higher is better)
98.4 KBps 172.01 KBps 243.4 KBps

Please note this testing was done on a phone. If you use it with a dongle then you’ll get much better results. Data cards usually catch better signal than a cellular phone.


Our Verdict

Reliance Pro 3 plans based on the EvDo Rev. B network are some of the most affordable high-speed mobile internet plans in India. During my network testing the phone latched on the Reliance network even at the hills where other operators provide spotty coverage. Sure, the download speed is not very consistent but the 25 KBps is the worst case scenario and is much more usable than the throttled speed (18 KBps theoretical) provided by the leading 3G operators after one exhausts the high-speed data on unlimited 3G mobile internet plans.

So, if you want access to a cheap and reliable internet connection while roaming across the country then Reliance CDMA should be your best bet.