(Last Updated On: October 9, 2014)

The telecom operators in India have been taking every possible effort to drive 3G data usage, but many of us just don’t spend too much for getting high-speed mobile data. Telecom operators have realized that 3G data fetches a significant portion of their revenue and hence have been introducing regular hikes in 2G internet data. In a similar move, Idea Cellular has introduced 3G rate cutter packs to boost 3G usage among beginners.


According to a report by TelecomTalk, Idea has launched two 3G rate cutter packs with 30 days validity the details of which are as under:

  1. RV32- Browse 3G @ 40/MB for 30 days.
  2. RV73- Browse 3G @ 30p/MB for 30 days.


Are these 3G Rate Cutter Internet packs good enough for you?

Let’s analyze if these 3G internet rate cutter packs are good enough for your usage style.

Given the fact that these are just rate cutter packs, we don’t expect them to offer much value for money for heavy usage. These packs are just for introducing new mobile users to high-speed 3G internet.

Idea has slightly expensive 3G internet plans for medium-heavy usage. So, let’s compare these 3G rate cutter packs with those and find out its actual worth.


Idea Limited Volume 3G data pack:idea-3g-rate-cutter-pack-indiantelecomnews

  • Recharge Amount: Rs. 103
  • Validity: 28 days
  • Data Benefit: 300 MB
  • Overage Charges: 4p/10KB


Comparing RV32 3G internet rate cutter pack:

For using 300 MB 3G data, you will have to shell out Rs. 152 (0.4*300 + 32)

This comes out to be way to expensive than using the standard Rs. 103 internet pack with 300 MB 3G data allowance.

So, the charges for using 200 MB data: Rs. 112 (0.4*200 + 32)

Charges for using 180 MB data: Rs. 104

Charges for using 150 MB data: Rs. 92


Comparing RV73 3G internet rate cutter pack:

For using 300 MB 3G data, you will have to shell out Rs. 163 (0.3*300 + 73)

This also is way too expensive than the standard Rs. 103 3G internet pack.

Charges for using 180 MB data: Rs. 127

This also is even more expensive than the RV32 pack for less data usage. So, let’s find out if its good for heavy internet usage.

Idea currently offers 1GB 3G data for Rs. 249 having a validity of 28 days. So, if you don’t consume 1GB data on mobile, you might be thinking of getting a 500 MB monthly plan. But Idea Cellular currently doesn’t offer such a plan. That’s where this pack comes in:

Charges for using 500 MB data: Rs. 223

Charges for using 400 MB data: Rs. 193


Our Take

These rate cutter packs are suitable for different usage styles.

  • RV32 pack will be good for you if your monthly data consumption is somewhere between 150-180 MB.
  • On the other hand, RV73 pack would be suitable to those who consume between 400-500 MB of data.

For anything more than that, you’re better off paying Rs. 249 for using 1GB 3G data. What’s opinion about these plans? Would you try to save a few bucks or just simply go with the 1GB 3G pack?

These packs are valid only across selected circles. Please contact customer care before recharging.