(Last Updated On: March 19, 2015)

High-speed internet has become an essential commodity these days. But the problem that we face these days is the affordability of such fast data plans. It’s okay when you are using a Wi-Fi connection at your home/office but when you go out, you’ll have to rely on your mobile internet connection.

This might not be a problem for the working class but the college and school students are always in search of a good and cheap internet plan. Well worry not. If you are an Airtel subscriber, and if you don’t belong to the circles of Haryana, Maharashtra & Goa, Kerala, MP and Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Kolkata, UP (East) and Punjab, then Airtel has a treat for you in store.

Airtel 3g tamil nadu

Airtel is now offering ‘Web exclusive offers’ to those who recharge their Airtel numbers from its web portal. All telecom operators have to give commissions to retailers and recharge app companies when you do a recharge through them, and costs the network providers a lot of money.

They simply can’t ask people to stop going to the retailers for recharging their numbers as it would spoil their relations with the local retailers but they can sweeten the deal on their own recharge portal and that’s what they have done.

These web exclusive offers entitle the subscribers to get a range of special recharge offers including data, voice and SMS.

Airtel is currently offering 1 GB 3G data @ Rs. 252 carrying a validity of 28 days but you if you’re lucky then you might get it for Rs. 131. It is also offering 1 GB 2G data @ Rs. 74 (validity: 28 days) instead of the regular Rs. 175 with a validity of 28 days.

There is no official announcement from Airtel about these promotional offers but we would advise that you make hay while the Sun shines. Just head on to Airtel.in and recharge.

Please let us know if you find any other attractive offers like this in your circle. Stay tuned on ITN for more updates!