(Last Updated On: October 9, 2014)

We are all against BSNL for providing poor quality network and for employing inefficient support staff, but BSNL seems to ignore all of our complaints. It looks like as if it is focusing on something else. BSNL CMD Anupam Srivastava, recently said in a statement that BSNL currently has the cheapest mobile internet plans in the market. So, is BSNL really focusing on providing cheap mobile data tariff plans?


A few days back, we reported that all the leading telecom operators in India have increased their mobile internet plans tariff by 100%. But BSNL doesn’t appear to be concerned about hiking its mobile internet tariff plans. It is instead offering them at the same price as they were before the top Indian telcos started introducing regular hikes in mobile data tariffs.

BSNL is currently offering 1GB 2G data at Rs. 139 valid for 20 days. For users with no internet plans, it charges 1p/10KB to postpaid subscribers & 2p/10KB to prepaid subscribers.

Now before you start to think that BSNL is offering data for cheap, read the above sentence again. The 2G data that it offers is valid only for 20 days. Other operators offering 1 GB 2G @ Rs. 175 approx. provide it with a validity of either 28 or 30 days.

It’s not a smart statement Mr. Srivastava. BSNL, stop deceiving your customers.

BSNL is also offering annual 3G data tariff plans at Rs. 1,251 for 750 MB/month and Rs. 3,299 for 2.5 GB/month.


BSNL Mobile Internet Plans With 30 Day Validity:

  • Prepaid: STV 176 and STV 251 offering 1GB and 2GB respectively.
  • Postpaid BSNL subscribers can subscribe to 1GB and 2GB plans for a monthly cost of Rs. 140 and 225 respectively.

There is no reason for you to hurry up and recharge your BSNL mobile with these data plans. These mobile internet plans should be available for quite a long time. If you are a BSNL mobile user, then please share your BSNL mobile internet speed results with us via the comments.