(Last Updated On: September 30, 2014)

MTNL is now desperately trying to acquire new customers for improving its profit sheet. To strengthen such efforts, it has announced Bullet Broadband plans for Mumbai.


The word Unlimited has actually become a misnomer these days. Almost all data plans come with FUP (Fair Usage Policy) for throttling the speed after you reach a certain threshold. I am a big supporter of net neutrality and I think that the government should take certain steps to prevent ISPs from doing that.

The Bullet Broadband plans from MTNL offer 33 GB of high-speed data. Post the consumption of high-speed data the user has to pay Rs. 18/GB of overage till he uses 250 GB. The plans become truly unlimited plans after consuming 250 GB, and offer unlimited downloads and uploads at 1 Mbps and 768 Kbps respectively.

MTNL bullet broadband plans details MumbaiThese plans are okay if you don’t cross the free data usage limit. But if you do and don’t use more than 250 GB data then these plan will cost very expensive to you.


I suggest that you take a look at broadband plans from other ISPs too before making the final decision.

Some other high-speed but affordable broadband plans are:

Reliance Broadband Postpaid:

  • 2 Mbps unlimited, no FUP, @ Rs.699 per month.
  • 4 Mbps unlimited, no FUP, @ Rs.1099 per month.

 Hathaway Broadband

  • Speedway 5, 5 Mbps till FUP of 25 GB, 1 Mbps thereafter, @ Rs. 999/month.

There might be some other good plans offering great value for money in Mumbai, but these are our favorite ones.

I don’t understand why MTNL is offering such plans with pay per usage and unlimited labels. If you do the math, then you will find out that for making the first plan truly unlimited you’ll have to use it more 250 GB, and pay a whopping monthly bill of Rs. 5,017 excluding taxes. It just doesn’t make sense to us.

Would you go for these MTNL Bullet Broadband plans? If yes, then why?