(Last Updated On: April 20, 2015)

BSNL, India’s largest broadband service provider has launched 2 new promotional broadband plans in the circle of Madhya Pradesh in an effort to attract more consumers. It has also revised its existing ‘BBG Combo ULD 4245 CS29’ plan.


bsnlNote: The existing subscribers will not be charged for the hike in subscription cost till the end of their current billing cycle.

2 New Promotional Broadband Plans For MP

BSNL has introduced 2 new promotional unlimited dual-speed broadband plans in the state of Madhya Pradesh- ‘BBG Combo ULD 1245 VDSL CS55’ and ‘BBG Combo ULD 1845 VDSL CS’.

A monthly subscription to BBG Combo ULD 1245 VDSL CS55 plan will cost Rs. 1245. The plan offers unlimited data at dual speeds. You will be able to use the internet at 8 Mbps till you use 10 GB of data, after which you’ll be able to browse the web at 512 Kbps. The subscribers can also avail static IP address on request by paying an additional Rs. 2000/annum.

BBG Combo ULD 1845 VDSL CS costs Rs. 1845 on monthly subscription and offers unlimited data. This dual speed plan will let you use first 30 GB data at 16 Mbps, post which your connection speed will be throttled at 512 Kbps. Subscribers of this plan can have a static IP address by paying Rs. 1800/annum.

Both these plans come with a minimum hire period 1 month and also require the subscriber to deposit 1 month subscription cost as a security deposit. These plans also offer 1000 free calls/month and 1 free email id with space of 1 GB each.

It remains to be seen whether these plans will help BSNL gain more popularity in MP or not, but I personally don’t find these plans worth their asking price when you can have better plans at a lesser cost.