(Last Updated On: December 20, 2015)

In an effort to meet the increasing competition head-on, the state-run telecom operator BSNL has launched new super affordable high-speed broadband plans in Hyderabad.


It has launched unlimited broadband plans offering 1/4 Mbps speed post the usage of high-speed data under its FUP guidelines. It is worth noting that this FUP speed was limited to 512 Kbps till now. So this huge improvement over the previous speed would be welcomed by a lot of users.

However all this announcement by BSNL comes with a catch!

BSNL Launches Affordable Fiber Plans In Hyderabad

BSNL has revealed two fiber broadband plans for Hyderabad:

  1. Fibro Combo ULD 645 CS34
  2. Fibro Combo ULD 1045 CS35

Talking about the catch, these broadband plans would be available only in Hyderabad and that too only in selected parts of the city.

These plans would be available for subscription for a period of 90 days starting from 21 December 2015.

Plan Details:

S.No. Particulars Fibro Combo ULD645 CS34 Fibro Combo ULD 1045 CS35
1 Bandwidth (Download Speed) 10 Mbps up to 50 GB, 1

Mbps beyond

40 Mbps up to100 GB, 4 Mbps beyond
2 Applicability All users in Hyderabad TD of AP circle only
3 Monthly Charges (Rs.) 645 1045
4 Half Yearly Payment Option (Rs.) 3,548 5,748
5 Annual Payment Option (Rs.) 6,450 10,450
6 Two Years Payment Option (Rs.) 11,610 18,810
7 Download/Upload Limit per month Unlimited Unlimited
8 Free E-mail IDs/Space (Per E-mail ID) 1/1 GB for both plans.
10 Security Deposit One Month charges One Month charges
11 Minimum Hire Period One Month One Month charges
12 Telephone Fixed Monthly Charges in Rs. NIL NIL
13 Additional Facility Unlimited free calls between 9 PM to 7 AM to any network in India Unlimited free calls between 9 PM to 7 AM to any network in India
14 Free Calls 30 for ULD 645 and 60 for ULD 1045

It is interesting to note that these plans would be available only in those parts/localities of Hyderabad where the people have option to choose fast internet plans from other ISPs at affordable prices.

BSNL believes that this strategy would help them in retaining their existing market share.

While I believe that this will help them gain market share in the areas where other ISPs are offering good broadband plans at affordable price tags, but not offering these plans to its existing subscribers in other areas might hurt customer loyalty towards BSNL.

I would think of getting rid of a service provider which doesn’t treat me equally as its other customers. What would you do?