(Last Updated On: March 24, 2017)

The leading telecom operators in India namely Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea have started offering 1 GB 4G/day along with unlimited voice calling to their select subscribers for around Rs. 350, valid for 28 days. This 1GB/day offer is a segmented offering and very few are getting SMS regarding the same, but here is a trick to get it on your prepaid mobile connection.

get 1 gb per day on Airtel Vodafone Idea

Disclaimer: I tried the below method on my existing Airtel prepaid number and got the offer within 2 days so this procedure should help you get the same offer on your Vodafone and Idea number too. Do try it for getting the lucrative 1 GB 4G /day plan for the whole next year.

Note: You need to try this trick right now, and if you get the offer on your telecom operator’s self-care app (My Airtel, MyVodafone, My Idea), or via SMS, then hurry up and recharge your number with the pack before 31st March.

Follow the below steps to get the 1 GB/day 4G data, unlimited voice calling, and free incoming during roaming offer for your prepaid number:

Step 1: Upgrade To 4G SIM

All telecom operators are pushing 4G usage and have launched these offers exclusively for their 4G subscribers. So you need a 4G phone (supporting LTE Band #3 and #5 at least) for enjoying the benefits of plans.

To upgrade your existing SIM to a 4G SIM, all you need to do is to visit your nearest telecom operator’s store and they will do the rest. The good thing is that you can upgrade to 4G SIM free of cost.

Step 2: Send A Port Out Request

Generally, you will not need to do this as you will start seeing the 1GB/day offer (in self-care app, or via SMS) just a few days after upgrading to the 4G SIM. In case you do not get it, a little threatening might help. 😉

Send a port out request in the following format:

PORT<Space><Your 10 digit mobile number> to 1900.

You will receive a code called UPC (Unique Porting Code) via SMS. Your telecom operator will also ask you the reason for leaving their service either via a free SMS reply, or via a call from customer care team. I received a call from Airtel’s customer care team within 2 hours of sending the port out request.

When asked for the reason of port out, mention that you are getting “better offers” from other operators, or you can say that Jio is offering 1GB/day whereas your current operator is not.

Step 3: Keep Checking The Self-care App

After you have upgraded to a 4G SIM and sent a port out request to be safe, wait for a few days, generally 1-2 days are enough. Open the self-care app of your telecom operator (Airtel, Vodafone, Idea) and browse it for new and exclusive offers.

Recharge with 1 GB/day pack as soon as you see it as you can enroll in it by 31st March at max.

Do let us know if our article was helpful in getting you the 1 GB 4G/day pack using our trick. Good luck!