(Last Updated On: March 24, 2017)

We all look at the top bar at our smartphones that indicates the network signal when are not able to make or receive calls/SMS or use the internet. Now while the network indicator tells us whether the phone is receiving signal or not it does not tell us anything about the signal strength, which is a deciding factor in the call quality and internet speed.

Check signal strength on phone

In an ideal scenario, the signal strength represents the distance of your phone from the cellular tower.

There are many ways to check signal strength on Android phone or an iPhone including the use of a third party app, but the easiest way to check the strength of the signal that your smartphone is receiving is as follows:

Go to ‘Settings’

The easiest way to check network signal strength on your Android phone is to just go to phone Settings-> Status- > SIM Status and check the reading under Signal Strength.

iPhone users must follow a similar procedure and check the ‘Settings’.

Note: The ‘SIM Status’ section would be located under ‘Settings’ in all Android devices, but its exact location might vary depending upon your device manufacturer.

The signal received in phone is measured in “dBm” and “ASU”, which are logarithmic and linear scales respectively, but I will refrain myself from discussing about the technical details of “dBm” and “ASU” here. All you need to know is that these are the values that you should be interested in.

What Is The Ideal Cellular Signal Strength?

Before we delve further, I would like to clarify that since the network strength is expressed as a negative number like -67 dBm, the closer the number is to zero, the better is the signal strength.

For e.g.: -67 dBm > -70 dBm > -85 dBm > -100 dBm >-110 dBm and so on.

If your house/office has a very good cellular network coverage, then your signal strength must vary between -50 dBm to -85 dBm. It is in this range where you will experience the best network quality be it calls or data speed.

If you want more info than just the network signal strength, then we encourage you to try different apps like Network Signal Info, Open Signal, and other popular apps on the Google Play and App Store.