(Last Updated On: November 8, 2014)

India’s leading CDMA telecom operator Reliance has something very attractive in stores for its subscribers. It has introduced monthly lifetime high-speed data at a very nominal rate of just Rs. 3,001.


The subscribers will be able to use 1 GB data every month till the expiry of their number or Reliance spectrum, whichever is earlier.

Reliance has also recently upgraded its CDMA network to EvDO Rev. B offering up to 14.7 Mbps speed. Subscribers in coverage of Reliance EvDO Rev. A will be able to surf the web @ 3.1 Mbps.

No other CDMA operator in the country is neither offering nor has offered such attractive data packs in its history of operation.

So with this move, Reliance CDMA might be able lure in a lot of dongle users.

Reliance is currently offering 1 GB data at Rs. 250/month. So, if you do the math then you’ll realize that you’ve to stay with Reliance NetConnect for at least a year to recover the amount of Rs. 3,001. After that, you should be able to browse the web for FREE.

Note: Offer valid only till 30 Nov 2014.

reliance lifetime data offer

If you travel a lot and are always online on laptop then you must go for this subscription. Hurry up!